machine industrielle pour usine
24 000MUR

machine industrielle pour usine

30 janvier 2018
Overlock ind.machine 4threads(4files) made Juki.Plate(couture droite)sewing ind.machine made Juki.Cloth-cutter made CTA with fingers protection.Plastic sealer 10 cms seal.Serigraphy table(carousselle) 3arms(3bras).Calor heater(winter purpose) 2000watts.Interlock made union special(old) but with a very good motor.Embrodery made brother (domestic).Overlock made brother(domestic).Large table 1.20m x 2.20m.Office desk 1.40m x .65m
Overlock ind.mach. @Rs15000.
Couture droite ind.mach. @Rs6000.
Cloth cutter @Rs5000.
Plastic sealer @Rs500.
Calor heater @Rs500.
Serigraphy table @Rs2500.
Interlock (old) @Rs1500.
Embroidery brother @Rs1500.
Overlock brother @Rs500.
Table @Rs2000.
Office desk @Rs2000.
Phone :9172807 Cell + or Emt. 7222896
One buyer for all items Rs24,000.00
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