hgp products( hair growth products)
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hgp products( hair growth products)

May 27, 2018
Worried about balding or hair fall?

- Hair spoilt due to color, dye or chemicals?

- Having problems like hair loss, split ends or thinning of hair?

- Is quality of hair a cause of concern?

HGP- created by a multinational team of doctors and scientists is now considered the no.1 product in the world for new hair growth, preventing hair fall and improving the quality of hair.

HGP is a result of thorough research on effect of various herbs and their derivatives on hair nourishment, growth and texture. Extracts present in HGP include nourishing and conditioning elements, which have scalp moisturizing properties and anti-bacterial effects. These are known to improve follicle health and stem cell activity stimulation, and were tested for a long time before being combined in a single product. This was done while ensuring that original herbal properties of extracts remain intact and product is free from any side effects. HGP is the only product which targets almost all causes of hair fall. It is a water-based composition that enables better absorption over scalp.
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