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Thai Massage Therapy for Ladies only

Thai Massage Therapy for Ladies only

January 21, 2020
Thai bodywork (TB) or Thai massage is a therapeutic system applied on whole body such as legs, hips, back, shoulders or neck. It is a combination of yoga stretches, massaging, energy work, rocking, pressing & holding. To do so, the therapist uses thumbs, hands, elbows, forearms, knees & feet.

Some of the main benefits of TB are: deep relaxation, blockages are opened & life energy circulates more naturally & allows healing to occur on many levels, increase in flexibility & range of motion, pain & muscle tension relief, releasing tight joints, improved blood circulation.

The combination of energetic and physical aspects is what makes TB unique & so effective. It revitalizes both body & mind.

TB is usually carried out on a mat on the floor, no oil is used & it is done fully dressed. Clients should therefore bring along clean & comfortable clothes such as a t-shirt & pants.

Call on 968-1852 for appointment. Sessions normally last 1h or more.

Proposed by female therapist.

Price for 1h session: Rs.700
Price for Seniors (1h): Rs.600
Price for Students (1h): Rs.450
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