Construction Service

Construction Service

April 24, 2018
GET TOUR DREAM HOME FOR ONLY RS 680 PER SQUARE FEET.OPION 1. Rs 680 per square feet (materials,construction,plastering,and manpower all inclusive).OPION 2 RS 900 per square feet(materials,construction,plastering,aluminium openings,electrical networking,plumbing networking and manpower) OPION 3 RS 1,200 per square feet (service being provided:free plans&drawings,free approvals of permits,concrete construction&plastering burglar bar,door grills,galvanised gates,aluminium fittings,electrical networking set up,granite and tiles fixation&plumbing networking) 30 years GUATRANTEE ON THE CONCRET WORKS.* please note htat all the service stated above are done by our company itself&in house. none of the services are outsourced to any third party.CALL US NOW FOR MORE INFO ON
Email: . price are vat exclusive*the prices are quotedabove are for standard home designs as per provided on our website and facebook page.

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